It Ain’t Easy – Mish Da Fyah Sis (Cockney Nutjob Remix) ★★ Free Download ★★

Fresh new Reggae/Hip Hop style mash up from me, feat vocals from the awesome Mish Da Fyah Sis track ‘It Aint Easy’. Check out the original ‘It Aint Easy’ track here :

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Track Mastered by Warp 9


Ska Party – Skamanians (Cockney Nutjob Remix) ★★ Free Download ★★

This is a remix I have put together of a really cool Ska track by the ‘Skamanians’. Just loved the trombone part in the original and had to do it! Any comments, shares or likes are always appreciated 🙂

The original ‘Ska Party’ track is featured on the Skamanians ‘Ride Again’ album available for free or a small donation and you can check it out by clicking here!

Mastered by Warp 9

Roll It! ★★ Free Download ★★

To celebrate the amazing success of my recent Scour Records Release, Heads Boppin’ EP (No.1 across all genres on and now the milestone of 1000 Facebook ‘Likes’ I thought it would only be fair to give y’all a fresh FREE track as a thank you….

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…and as always would be grateful for any comments or shares on any social media!

Mastered by Warp9

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The Heads Boppin’ EP is currently still sat at No.2 of the breakbeat chart, click here for a link to listen/purchase it.

or check out the clips on soundcloud by clicking here!

My Baby Don’t (Scour Records) ★★ Free Download ★★


“Welcome bruv’s and bruvettes! Cockney Nutjob, as I live and breathe!

He’s so very London he’s already made a million in the last 5 seconds, invented tea, blown up parliament, died of the plague and been reborn as a chimney sweep pearly King (and Queen)! Wearing nothing but three rolex’s and a suit of pure Rimmel lipstick he is positively ‘mad-bare crutterz’ to be releasing his Nina Simone edit, “My baby don’t…” on our peng-hench asses…

We don’t know what that means either! It doesn’t really matter, because Mr Nutjob is an ‘apples and stairs’ cock-er-ney geezer and even if we don’t understand a word we still love the sex cowboy.

A hale and hearty welcome to Scour Records you cheeky pompadour! London Eye-Eye!” – Fat Harry.

Cockney Nutjob

Scour Records

Promo blurb by Fat Harry
Mastering by Warp9

Cockney Nutjob Joins Scour Records

I am absolutely stoked to announce that I have been signed to Scour Records. If you’re not already following them on social media please follow the links below as they are an awesome label releasing some amazing music:


My first track on Scour Records is “My Baby Don’t…”, which will be given away as a free download from tomorrow evening (Thursday 9th April) via my Soundcloud page. You can also expect to see/hear more from me on Scour Records in the not too distant future!