About Me

I am a cockney wannabe (originally from Essex) creating and spinning a unique blend of ‘Vintage Remix’ music to make you go nuts to! I fuse elements of Hip Hop, Ska, Reggae, Rock Steady, Ragga, Swing and Funk, with a generous topping of with wobbly basslines.

My live sets are complemented vocally with Kurnel MC’s magical blend of 12 verbs and spices. He works with the crowd to create positive cohesion, energy and spark. When combined with the uplifting vibe of my bouncy beats, you are guaranteed to not stop moving your feet!

I have released two EP’s (Heads Boppin’ and Badman) with Scour Records both hitting the no.1 spot on junodownload’s breakbeat chart. The Heads Boppin’s EP reached no.1 across all genres and is also now within the top 30 best selling Breakbeat singles of all time on junodownload. I have also released tracks with BreakBeat Paradise and Cuttin’ It Fine as part of various compilations and you can find an abundance of free tracks on my Soundcloud page.

For bookings please email djcockneynutjob@hotmail.com or use the contact page


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