Firepower (Scoured Cream Vol.5) ★★ Out Now ★★

Scour Records Scoured Cream Vol 05 SRSC05_700AW

★★ For Link to Juno Download to Purchase please click here ★★

The Fat Harry Blurb…
“Cockney Nutjob is our treasured bearded lady. Some say her beard was due to all the steroids she took in an effort to become the strongman, it may be true to a degree but we’ve seen Cockney in the showers and she is definitely one hairy lady, sexy like teen wolf and sleek as black beauty she is loved (and petted) by all. If you’re going to feed her a sugar cube or a carrot make sure you keep your hand flat, she does like a digit or two! Sexy fingers!”

The review from Junodownload…
“Breakbeat specialists Scour turn in the fifth chapter of their Scoured Cream series and as you’d expect, it’s all beats and instantly seductive basslines. Sitting somewhere between breaks and electro, these tracks are guaranteed to get any party on its way, especially if it involves university dormitories or student unions! Our tops picks have to be Phibes’ “Needles” for thos soulful vocal samples, “Rockin’ Cold” by Rollomatik and Cockney Nutjob’s “Firepower” for the undeniable comic effect of that sample…you’ll know what we mean!”

To hear the rest of the EP check the player below, which includes tracks from Father Funk, WBBL, Rollamatik, Bear Twists, Mr. Stabalina, The Breakbeat Junkie vs DJ P, J-Sound & Aldo Vanucci!

Scour Records

Artwork by Morphosis
Promo blurb by Fat Harry
Mastering by Warp9


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